Construction Law

Alex Gilanians, APC is a Los Angeles based construction law firm that has been helping contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers and property owners avoid and resolve construction project disputes since 1995.

As a construction law firm, we have extensive experience with state and local government projects, as well as private works of improvement in California. We represent clients from bidding or contract negotiation through partnering, Dispute Resolution Boards, and other dispute resolution processes during construction, to post-construction claims and dispute resolution. We also represent contractors before the Contractors State Licensing Board for violations of the Business and Professions Code regulating California Contractors.

What types of issues do Los Angeles construction attorneys handle?

Our construction lawyers help clients manage a variety of issues, including:

  • • Analysis of proposed contract terms and conditions.
  • • Breaches of prime contracts, subcontracts and purchase orders (e.g., non-payment; extra work; differing site conditions; change orders; liquidated damages; delays, disruption or acceleration; prompt payment penalties; defective specifications; limitations on damages and other contract interpretation issues.)
  • • Terminations for default; terminations for convenience.
  • • Mechanic’s lien, stop payment notice and bond claims.
  • • Dispute resolution boards, mediation, arbitration, other dispute resolution procedures, Government Code claims, CSLB appeals board hearings.
  • • Construction defect and substandard work claims

An in-depth look at the different types of construction law

As an experienced construction law attorney, Alex Gilanians has successfully helped clients in Los Angeles (and beyond) navigate a variety of legal issues and situations. Following is an overview of some of the categories of construction law we specialize in:

Contract terms and conditions analysis and drafting
Because construction can be quite complex, ensuring that your contract protects your interests and investment is critical. Our team has extensive experience helping clients — from sole proprietors to large corporations — draft construction related contracts, forms and documents. We also advise clients regarding existing construction contracts, to make sure that your rights are safeguarded at every level.

Breaches of prime contracts, subcontracts and purchase orders
Anyone involved in a construction project understands the often dizzying collection of moving parts. Contracts at every level may be breached in a variety of ways, including non-payment, change orders, delays and extra work, to name a few. For over 26 years, Alex Gilanians has successfully resolved breach of contract claims for Los Angeles developers, contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers.

Mechanic’s Lien, Stop Payment Notice, Bond Claims
Contract disputes and non-payment issues are quite common on construction projects in California. Our construction law team has extensive experience resolving these different types of complications, including:

  • • Mechanic’s Lien: an encumbrance placed on the title of a property due to non-payment for work performed. With the possibility of foreclosure at stake, consulting a construction attorney to handle mechanic’s lien forms and procedures is critical.
  • • Stop Payment Notice: a legal order withholding the distribution of funds for a construction project. The regulations and procedures vary depending upon the type of contractor involved, which makes seeking a construction lawyer’s advice particularly valuable if you need to file — or you have been served — a stop payment notice.
  • • Bond Claims: a claim for payment that protects contractors and suppliers working on state, county or municipal projects. The process of filing a bond claim is similar to that of a mechanic’s lien.

Alternative Dispute Resolution
Experienced construction attorney Alex Gilanians is passionate about finding the most favorable outcome for clients. Sometimes, it’s simply more efficient and cost-effective to settle disputes without litigation. Our team has successfully represented all types of construction clients via a variety of alternative dispute resolution avenues, including:

  • • Dispute resolution boards
  • • Mediation
  • • Arbitration
  • • Other dispute resolution procedures
  • • Government Code claims
  • • CSLB appeals board hearings

Construction Defect and Substandard Work Claims
Defective or substandard work can occur at many stages of the construction process. Knowing your rights and being aware of the proper procedures for filing these claims is essential. These claims are typically categorized as:

  • • Patent defects: obvious faults that are reasonably easy to discover
  • • Latent defects: those which may not be evident until construction is complete

Contact us for a construction law consultation

Although primarily a construction law firm, we also provide our regular clients with advice regarding labor relations and other business matters. Alex Gilanians is a construction attorney licensed in California, and admitted to practice in State Court, All Federal Courts in California and United States Supreme Court. He is also an active member of local, state and national bar associations.

If you are involved in any type of construction dispute or claim, contact attorney Alex Gilanians for a consultation today.