Quiet title

Purchasing real estate for your California business can be complicated — especially when title issues arise. With more than 26 years of experience, real estate attorney Alex Gilanians helps business owners, entrepreneurs, developers and real estate professionals navigate the challenges of real estate transactions in Los Angeles. We offer expert advice, guidance and legal representation in all aspects of real estate, including quiet title actions.

What is a quiet title?

Before a real estate transaction can occur, the title owner and any existing liens on the property must be clearly established. The name “quiet title” refers to the idea of resolving, or “quieting,” any claim or objection to a title by another party. Quiet title actions are lawsuits filed to determine the rightful owner of a property in question.

Finding a quiet title attorney in Los Angeles

If your business is seeking to buy or sell property — either buildings or land — in Los Angeles (or throughout California), an experienced quiet title attorney like Alex Gilanians can help you resolve any claims or questions concerning the property’s ownership. Filing a quiet title action will ultimately determine the true owner of a property, no matter how many times the property has changed hands in the past.

Our quiet title team is ready to help you resolve any title issues and protect your interests in any real estate transaction.

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Quiet Title Attorney FAQ’s

When do you need a quiet title attorney?
In California, quiet title attorneys handle a variety of real estate title situations, including:

  • • When a property has been vacant for extended periods
  • • After the death of a title owner
  • • Adverse possession (aka “Squatter’s Rights”)
  • • Mortgage lender disputes

What other types of title issues are common in Los Angeles, California?
Besides quiet title issues, our real estate attorney team commonly handles a variety of complex title situations, including:

  • • Fraudulent liens
  • • Mechanic’s liens
  • • Tax deeds
  • • Land use licenses
  • • Set-offs
  • • Clouded titles

What is a clouded title?
A cloud on a title is any issue or encumbrance that raises questions about that title’s validity. Clouded titles are generally discovered during the initial title search. Issues that may cloud a title include and document, claim or unreleased lien on the property.

In Los Angeles, clouds on the title are resolved by issuing a California quitclaim deed, which states that the party transferring the property makes no claim of ownership or clear title to that property.