Los Angeles business law attorney Alex Gilanians has over 26 years of experience getting results for business litigation clients throughout LA County and the state of California.

An experienced business litigation attorney is an invaluable asset in all types of business activities, relationships and dispute resolution. Business lawyers help clients navigate everything from purchase and sales agreements to partnership disputes, employment matters and dissolution.

Finding the best business litigation attorney for your business is the key to creating a successful legal strategy. With so much at stake, it is crucial for business owners to seek out and utilize an experienced business litigation attorney to ensure compliance and avoid litigation. When it comes to protecting your rights, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Different Types Of Commercial Business Litigation We Specialize In

As a business litigation lawyer in Los Angeles, Alex Gilanians hand- les all aspects of business law and business litigation. We serve the legal needs of clients from business inception through growth and expansion and beyond. We specialize in helping business clients with the following legal matters:

Business Formation – Ensuring compliance upon entity formation in accordance with State and Federal corporate requirements.

Ownership or Partnership Disputes – Navigating internal disputes between owners on matters of management or ownership. A clear thought out plan in formation of a partnership is invaluable but when a dispute arises, litigation may not always be the first or best course of action. An objective view by a seasoned litigator can guide you through finding the best possible course of action at every stage of a partnership dispute.

Business Expansion – Advising and review of business development, mergers and acquisitions.

Purchases and Sales – Protecting legal interests in purchase or sale agreements, as well as during disputes arising from a transaction.

Contract – Crafting meticulous contracts to protect business interests and providing rigorous legal representation on contract breaches.

Construction – Representing business interests at all stages of construction, including planning, bidding, bid disputes, permitting, design disputes, payment and delay disputes, vendor, supplier and sub-contract disputes, and construction defects.

Employment – Handling compliance and legal protection including hiring/screening, compensation, disputes (including harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination), and mediation.

Nondisclosure Agreements – Creating a confidential relationship to protect critical business information.

Business Torts – Expert representation covering breach of fiduciary duty, conspiracy, defamation and negligent misrepresentation.

Legal Planning and Strategy – Planning all aspects of business litigation.

Dissolution – Preserving rights and maximizing assets during business liquidations or partnership divorces.

Choosing an experienced business litigation attorney in Los Angeles

Since 1995, business law attorney Alex Gilianians has dedicated his career to obtaining the best results possible for each and every client.

Nearly three decades of business law and litigation experience in California ensures that our clients will reap the benefits of the legal knowledge, litigation skills, and sharp focus that we bring to each case. Whether a client is just beginning a business journey, or has become involved in any form of business litigation, we are committed to protecting and defending your interests – no matter the size and scope of your business.

Our philosophy is simple: performing due diligence and ensuring legal compliance at all times, for every business matter, is the best way to nurture and protect your valuable business.

If and when business disputes arise, Alex Gilanians will do everything possible to protect your rights and assets by creating the most effective legal strategy for your case. We strive to get results through expert negotiation tactics, mediation and arbitration – but when litigation is necessary, we pursue your case skillfully and aggressively in court.

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Business Litigation Attorney FAQ’s

What is a business attorney?
Business litigation attorneys handle all types of business law, from business entity formation to employment issues to construction and contracts. Business attorneys use their legal expertise to create company policies and contracts, as well as negotiating or litigating on behalf of a business should a business dispute arise.

Legal issues that a business attorney typically handles include:

  • • Business Formation/Dissolution
  • • Contracts
  • • Employment
  • • Expansion
  • • Construction and Real Estate
  • • Torts
  • • Litigation

Do I need a business litigation attorney?
Our decades of experience have taught us that it’s better to build legal protection into every business decision from the beginning than to face litigation later. No matter the size or type of your business, consulting with a business litigation expert like Alex Gilanians helps ensure that your rights and interests are protected from the outset – so that your business can avoid future legal trouble.

If your business wants to guard against employee disputes, flawed contracts, confidentiality breaches, and more, you need to consult with a business lawyer.

If your business is already involved in any dispute or litigation, including a class action lawsuit, a fraud or accounting issue, or problems with construction or real estate, finding the right business litigation attorney can mean the difference between saving and losing your business.

When deciding whether to hire a business attorney, consider the following questions:

  1. Am I up to speed on all Los Angeles, California, and federal business regulations and statutes?
  2. Do I understand the protocols and procedures involved in protecting my business and legal rights?
  3. Do I have the time and resources to take on a legal project in addition to running a business?
  4. Will I be missing out on potential damages and possible solutions if I handle my case myself?

What types of damages can a business litigation attorney recover?
Business litigation attorneys may be able to collect a variety of damages based on the specifics of each case. Generally speaking, damages are awarded in an effort to compensate (or make “whole”) a plaintiff in the event of a contract breach.

Three common types of damages awarded during business litigation are:

Liquidated damages – Awarded based on the terms of a contract in breach.
Compensatory damages – Assigned to make a plaintiff whole, i.e., return a plaintiff to the same financial situation were the contract not in breach.
Reliance damages – Calculated based on estimates of what a business may have potentially earned or achieved without the detrimental influence of the defendant. There are two types of reliance damages:
Restitution damages – Awarded to the plaintiff based on what the defendant illegally gained monetarily
Punitive damages – Designed to discourage the defendant from future illegal action

Can I rely on free online business litigation advice?
In business law, you get what you pay for. Yes, there are many online legal providers, some of them low or no cost. However, we believe that seeking out personalized, expert legal advice for all of your business law and business litigation matters is the only way to ensure that your interests are thoroughly protected. When it’s your business at stake, saving some money in the short term may end up costing you more in the long run.