In landlord-tenant disputes, a knowledgeable attorney will ensure that your rights are protected. Alex Gilanians has many years of experience helping both landlords and tenants resolve disputes in Los Angeles and throughout California.


If you are a tenant in Los Angeles — or anywhere in California — involved in a dispute with your landlord, Alex Gilanians will ensure that your rights are protected. Typical problems that our tenant attorneys resolve for both commercial and residential tenants include:

  • • Unwarranted eviction
  • • Poor or uninhabitable conditions
  • • Failure to make repairs
  • • Failure to return security deposit

An experienced tenant attorney like Alex Gilanians represents tenants’ rights. If you are the victim of a financial loss or an injury at the hands of your landlord, we’re ready to fight for your rights and resolve your dispute.

How our tenant attorneys protect your rights
When you hire tenant lawyer Alex Gilanians to resolve your dispute with your landlord, we will meet with you to gain a thorough understanding of the issues involved. Our team will work closely with you to develop a legal strategy that ensures your tenant rights are protected against complications from a negligent landlord. We will resolve your tenant dispute in the most efficient, cost effective manner possible.

Tenant attorney FAQ’s

Do I need a tenant attorney?
Tenant disputes in Los Angeles are extremely common. While it is possible to handle a dispute with your landlord without a lawyer’s help, consulting with an experienced attorney like Alex Gilanians will ensure that all of your bases are covered. We know the ins and outs of tenant law — and we know how to defend against a negligent landlord to make sure you receive the most favorable outcome possible.

What are the most common types of tenant disputes?
Los Angeles tenant attorney Alex Gilanians has successfully represented tenants in a wide variety of disputes with negligent landlords. Some of the most common types of tenant/landlord complications include:

  • • Wrongful eviction: when a landlord retakes possession of a property without following the legal eviction process. In these cases, a tenant can sue the landlord for a variety of causes and claim damages.
  • • Landlord retaliation: when a landlord harasses a tenant by various means, such as locking the laundry room, denying access to hot water, or parking, etc. Tenants have the right to sue a landlord for these retaliatory practices.
  • • Lease disputes: anytime a landlord is in violation of a written lease agreement, a tenant has the right to take legal action.

if you are involved in a tenant/landlord dispute — including facing eviction — or you have any concerns about whether or not your landlord is negligent or may be violating the law, contact our team today for a consultation.


For more than 26 years, experienced real estate attorney Alex Gilanians has been helping landlords successfully resolve a wide range of disputes with tenants in Los Angeles. If you are dealing with a tenant who has violated a lease agreement, or who has taken legal action against you, we are standing by to defend your rights as a landlord.

How our landlord attorneys protect your rights
Alex Gilanians protects Los Angeles landlords in a variety of ways, including:

  • • Education & preparation of legal documents. Our team emphasizes proper protection from the outset — through knowledge and thorough contracts — to ensure that a landlord’s rights are safeguarded from the beginning. We are experts in crafting leases with term conditions that will protect landlords against any legal actions that a tenant might pursue.
  • • Eviction procedures. Los Angeles landlords must follow the proper procedures for evicting a tenant, or risk being sued by their tenant. California real estate law expert Alex Gilanians is very experienced in making sure landlords understand and follow the necessary steps involved in the eviction process.
  • • Defense against tenant’s legal action. If you are a landlord being sued by a tenant, our team is ready to vigorously defend you. We specialize in resolving landlord/tenant disputes efficiently, whether using arbitration and mediation, or litigation if necessary.

Landlord attorney FAQ’s

Do I need an attorney to evict my tenant?
In Los Angeles, it is not mandatory to use an attorney during the eviction process. However, the eviction process is a very detailed statutory scheme that requires the landlords to cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s inorder to be able to proceed with an eviction until they regain possession of their property. An experienced real estate attorney like Alex Gilanians stays up to date on the ever-changing California and local Los Angeles laws and ordinances, to make sure landlords’ rights remain secure. Our team will protect your interests in the following ways:

  • • Dispute resolution: our team specializes in finding landlords a favorable solution before eviction becomes necessary.
  • • Eviction education: we will walk you through every step of the eviction process, to make sure landlords are not vulnerable to legal action by their tenants.
  • • Eviction execution: many busy landlords prefer that our firm handle the entire eviction process for them — knowing that Alex Gilanians is following proper eviction procedures and safeguarding landlords’ rights at all times.

If you are a landlord involved in a dispute with your tenant, contact real estate attorney Alex Gilanians today for a consultation.